Alyson Gainsford

"Switch on a new level of thinking and action to get the desired results".
Alyson Gainsford

Introducing Alyson Gainsford

Alyson Gainsford works with individuals, teams, organisations and businesses across a diverse range of industries to switch on a new level of thinking and action to get the desired results.

From a young age, Alyson showed a keen interest in developing her business skills and interest in human behaviour. She recalls her fascination of chemistry in high school, although she is quick to say that it was her curiosity in mixing things together and seeing the reaction that took her interest rather than the theory behind the science. She dropped chemistry as an elective in Year 11 to follow her passion for business, going on to top the class in this subject. She had no idea at the time her fascination for chemistry would later connect with her passion and love for business and curiosity of human behaviour and what makes people tick.

Alyson is candid in telling her story of experiencing personal challenges in her life, something she initially hid from the world as she saw it as a weakness and thought others would too. She felt lost in a fog of emotions, feeling undervalued, overwhelmed and disconnected from an organisation she gave so much of herself. For Alyson her mind and body shut down, the spark had gone and she was left wondering how she arrived at such a dark place. She wanted more from life and realised for things to change she must change.

Alyson discovered life coaching (and later went onto study executive, team and business coaching), she started to explore her own chemistry, what made her tick. She believes by feeling enough pain with the status quo allowed her to breakthrough her fears and limiting beliefs, step outside her comfort zone to embrace uncertainty, discovering her true identity and go on to achieve extraordinary heights. This was her tipping point, she describes it as being stripped naked, exposed and vulnerable followed by a period of reflection, learning, forgiveness and reconnection with her purpose and passion. She discovered the hero behind the mask, who she was and what she stood for, regaining her inner power, taking responsibility for her actions and results in life. At last she discovered her formula to success!

Alyson acknowledges that life is about learning and growing, evolving to the next level and that our experiences teach us lessons about our self if we are prepared to take the time to quieten our mind and listen. She believes that we don’t actually see the world as it is, we see the world as we are, through our own lenses; deleting, distorting, generalising and filtering information to fit our view of the world. And if we are not ready to pay attention, if we ignore the message and fail to learn the lessons then life has a way of bringing similar events back into our life in some other way, stronger and stronger until we pay attention.

Alyson is fascinated how life has taken her back to her early love of chemistry. The chemical reactions when mixing our thoughts, beliefs, values, experiences, language, what we place meaning on and our feelings create a response in our body, our physiology. This formula determines our actions and the results we get (or don’t get) in our life. All this is happening within environments we live, work and play in; from family, friends, circles we mix and associate with, teams, organisations or businesses we own and operate in, mixing together to create a response and outcome. At best it can be successful, profitable, efficient, pleasant and rewarding, and at worst it can be explosive, lethal and destructive.

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