Life Coaching


What is life coaching?

Your life is ever changing. As you journey through life, you pass through obstacles, stop at trials, reach dead ends, or face crossroads—and each time you are forced to make important decisions. It’s not always going to be easy.

Many times, you might know what you want in life, but you don’t know how to reach it or where to begin. There’s this deep desire to change for the better but you always seem to get lost somewhere along the way. This is where life coaching steps in.

Your personal life coach will help you realise where you are right now in your life; where you desire to be; and discover options to move you forward.

Life Coaching is a series of processes and a variety of techniques when applied to your current situation create a happier and more fulfilling way of being. Life Coaching assists to equip you with tools and understanding to embrace everyday with an optimistic outlook. A life coach will guide you through the coaching journey and ask powerful questions to gain clarity on your current situation and assist you to create a more powerful mindset.

At some point in your life, have you ever had a moment when you stopped and began to assess where your life was actually heading? Needed a breakthrough? Wanted to achieve more? Be someone bigger? Do something spectacular? Change for the better? Enjoy life more? Is it time to create a more compelling future?

But where do you begin? How do you get there? Most people plan more for a holiday then they do their own life.

Life coaching will help you achieve the change that you desire. A life coach is there to guide you as you begin to realise where you are now, where you desire to be, and how you can get there. As your coach we use a combination of resources and tools to assist you.

How is coaching conducted?

Coaching packages and sessions vary in length depending on your individual needs and support.

It can be a mix of personal face-to-face consultations, skype and phone coaching as well as email exchanges.

A life coach offers coaching on various areas on your life and is non judgemental.

While a life coach will help guide you in every step, the success of getting fulfilment you desire rests in your hands and your willingness to reach that personal growth you’ve always wanted.

Treat it as an investment that can benefit you long after your coaching journey has been completed.

"Life coaching will help you achieve the change that you desire."
Alyson Gainsford

Top 10 reasons to engage a Life Coach

Design your destiny.

You are entitled to an extraordinary life for ultimate fulfilment.

Who is in charge of writing the book of your life?

You may not be able to change the past, you certainly can change the meaning you assign to events in your life and importantly your past does not equal your future.

So if you have the power to write the book of your life, why not design it the way you want it.

Imagine how different things could be if you knew exactly what you wanted in life, and had the tools needed to make it happen.

A coach will assist you to design your future and develop goals as a roadmap to keep you on track.

Clarity is power!

A coach can assist you in creating clarity and direction in your life and determining what you really want in life and what is important to you in terms of career, relationships, finance, recreation and life in general.

Design a compelling vision and purpose to live a deeper, richer and more meaningful and fulfilled life.

What do you want more of? What do you want less of? What are you tolerating in your life?

Quite often when we experience conflict in our lives it is because we are not living congruently to our values and what we hold dear to us.

A coach will assist you in determining your values, what is important to you and how to live congruently to your values.


Share and connect.

Are you looking for growth in your relationship and/or business?

A life coach will help you strike a balance in your life so growth can happen.

Learn how to communicate with clarity, precision and focus.

Gain insights into how to persuade, inspire and influence others by understanding your personal style and the style of others.

Develop and nurture loving relationships with significant others.

Release old patterns.

Release old unresourceful patterns of behaviour, limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that is no longer working for you.

Break through boundary conditions of your thinking.

A coach can assist by using simple and powerful techniques, increasing your awareness, problem solving skills and by enhancing your ability to overcome barriers and develop skills to handle new challenges.

Change limiting beliefs to transform your life and assist others to change theirs.

Explore solutions and options to move forward towards achieving your goals.


Challenge, stretch and empower yourself.

Have you noticed people walking around in a state of disempowerment?

Thinking this is the way life is or has to be?

These people have stopped learning and growing in life and believe they don’t have a choice in many things they do – taking whatever turns up each day.

To achieve that breakthrough in life you are hoping for, you need to go beyond your comfort zone and take that leap of faith into the unknown.

It is through these challenging times that you grow the most and realise what you are capable of doing.

Stretch yourself. Set bigger challenges.

Give yourself an edge you may not think you normally have on your own and see yourself grow.

A Life coach will help give you the confidence you need for that great leap of faith.

Increase performance.

Sustained growth and results in both personal and organisational performance by going beyond previous boundaries.

Accelerate growth by combining focus and action for desired results.

Unleash your mind potential previously untapped through powerful questioning and simple techniques.

A coach will assist you to discover how to make changes to gain the results you want in your life, career, business, relationships, finance etc.


Create balance in your life.

Do you have competing priorities and feel like you are being pulled in different directions?

Are you feeling run down, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed and no energy to spend on things you love?

Want to eliminate draining tasks and commitments and increase your energy levels?

You are not alone.

A coach will assist you in gaining an insight into your current situation and developing skills to realign and balance aspects of your life that currently may be spinning out of control, from health to relationships, from career to finances, from fun and recreation to personal and spiritual growth.

Live life on your terms, gain more meaning in life, more joy, more love, more certainty, connection and increase motivation and energy for peak performance and a deeper sense of fulfilment.

Accountability, responsibility and choice.

Do you have difficulty keeping commitments you make to yourself or others?

Do you blame others or yourself for things that go wrong in your life?

Your coach will assist you in taking back control of your life, eliminating blame, identify action steps and holding you accountable for your goals and outcomes whilst supporting you along the way, championing and celebrating for your success.


Get an edge in life.

The opportunities ahead of you are endless.

All you need to do is find the best opportunity and maximise it to your advantage.

But sometimes you may find yourself shying away from great opportunities.

With the support and empowerment of a life coach, you will find more confidence and courage to walk through open doors.

Give yourself an edge in your career, in your life, to propel you forward into a fulfilling future.

Feeling stuck in the daily cycle of life?

You want something more out of life or you are at a major crossroad in your life such as a retirement or a career shift.

Coaching will help you make guided decisions in these crucial times and help you process these feelings and redirect your life to something new.

You may want to change bad habits but don’t know how.

Coaching will help you set realistic goals and stretch yourself to achieve them.