Training & Development Programs

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Release your business' potential through the effective utilisation of people. Dynamic HRM Solutions provides a range of professional human resource management services to assist organisations with developing and enhancing its most important asset – its people.

"The most valuable opportunity and investment you can make in life and in business is the continual growth and development of yourself, your team and others."
- Alyson Lane, CEO, Dynamic HRM Solutions

Our Programs

Dynamic HRM Solutions custom design training and development programs in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Executive & Performance Coaching
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Team Building
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Workforce Planning
  • Talent Management
  • EEO, Harassment & Bullying Prevention
  • Change Management
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • OH&S Training
  • Managing Alcohol & Other Drugs in the Workplace and General Awareness Training
  • Other customised training

Experiential Learning

Experiential means "involved or based on experience". Experiential training is personally involving, practical and mentally stimulating. In practice it uses structured outdoor and indoor activities to provide insight and solutions for real workplace situations. Its appeal is based on the fact that it is:

  • Hands-on and practical
  • Challenging and fun
  • A good mechanism for providing opportunities for personal feedback
  • Able to simulate work situations, allowing mistakes made to be turned into 'learning experiences' in a safe and cost effective environment.
  • A methodology that brings alive a practical understanding of management models and business processes.


Personality and behavioral style differences can get in the way of clear communication and understanding. If you have a framework for understanding these differences, you can work with people much more effectively. The DISC human behaviour model is a simple and powerful tool for building this understanding.

The DISC model is a simple four factor model that helps explain how people behave differently to one another. DISC is grounded in research and has been used for almost 30 years around the world. Learning how to use DISC is easy and the benefits will be instant! It is amazing how differently you will see and understand your workmates. DISC is popular for leadership, team building, communication, coaching and sales development training.


Are you ready to be inspired and tap into the potential of your team?

The FISH! Philosophy is inspired by a group of fishmongers from Seattle’s Pike Place FISH! Market. This team is a shining example of how you can create a culture and workplace that encourages people to flourish and increase productivity.

Why has this team of fishmongers become world famous? It is because they have mastered a set of 4 basic principles that result in newfound energy, passion and commitment. If people are your biggest asset, it’s time to introduce them to FISH!

"The partnership between the Central Darling Shire Council and Dynamic HRM Solutions is fundamental to our survival and continued success" Tim Hazell, GM, Central Darling Shire Council

Performance Coaching

Do you want to achieve greater result? Increase productivity and accountability? Improve skills? Achieve a work-life balance? Build a successful career and professional development plan?

Our specialised business, executive, performance and life coaching programs assist businesses and individuals with their professional and personal development.

Coaching is an effective way of promoting learning and it impacts on an organisation’s bottom line by enabling the organisation to achieve superior performance by improving the performance of individuals.

Our coaches are committed to your success. It’s time to talk us!

Team Building

Our team building experiences always emphasise the benefits for your team, organisation or conference group. Our diverse range of team building exercises encourage individuals in your organisation to understand each person and learn how to work more efficiently within the group, whilst maintaining a shared vision to enhance team cohesion and energy. Many of the exercises are conducted using a hands on experiential method. No 'death by powerpoint' in our sessions.

We tailor team building sessions to fit your desired learning to outcomes and conference aims. We provide feedback to team members which they can incorporate in future team collaboration.

Coaching – Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring programs, whether on an executive level or for all staff, is increasingly being recognised as important in employee and client development. It is acknowledged by senior managers in many organisations that their company thrived when Coaching and Mentoring programs were successful implemented.

Our Coaching and Mentoring programs has been designed to provide participants with meaningful and useable knowledge and skills in what drives / motivates people, understanding principles for success, building rapport and communication principles, as well as introducing coaching models and developing coaching and mentoring strategies. This program provides participants with a tool kit to assist with their coaching and mentoring journey.

Customer Service

You work hard to find your customers and you work even harder to keep them. Did you know that if a customer receives bad service, they are likely to tell up to 25 people? Friends, family members and workmates often talk to each other about how badly they were treated as customers.

Customer loyalty begins with fantastic customer service. Investing in a customer service program for your staff will benefit your organisation in many ways. In return for your training investment we will deliver employees who are more efficient, save the organisation money, grow your business and enjoy working with your customers. In fact, they will know how to build long term relationships which encourages customers to spread positive 'word of mouth' throughout the community. Can you afford not to invest in customer service?

"Dynamic HRM Solutions have tailored a training package that suits the needs of our clients and our business, and has proven to be a success" Amanda Short, Manager, Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Change Management

Organisations today are in a state of constant change as they adapt to new local and international emerging issues. The ability to change, quickly and effectively, with committed and capable people, is the new competitive advantage.

Dynamic HRM Solutions partners with organisations to build the leadership, change management and team capabilities required to realise the benefits of change. Our training programs explore effective and practical ways to stimulate people to develop new and innovative ideas. We provide strategies and tools to implement change in the work environment so that people support changes that benefits the organisation. Barriers to change and ways to overcome these barriers are identified, to ensure the organisation remains competitive.


Organisations that invest in training leaders, invest in their future!

Leadership training enhances a leader’s capacity to lead the people effectively. An investment in leadership development will pay for itself through better morale, increased skill levels and productivity, innovative techniques and training flow on. Reduced absenteeism, minimised work errors, low turnover, employee complaints, grievances and health claims are also reduced.

You will learn the secrets of getting the best from people, self evaluation, improved skills,habits and attitudes.

You will be able to identify the differences between leadership and management and learn about situational leadership, emotional intelligence, team development and human behaviour.

Courageous Conversations

Are you avoiding conversations you know you ought to have? Do you wish you could be more assertive and in control? Do you feel anxious before a difficult conversation? Are you having
trouble managing emotional customers, colleagues or employees? You are not alone! In fact many people find dealing with difficult people their biggest professional challenge.

We have designed an interactive workshop to address all of those challenges and more. You will learn techniques and strategies to handle difficult conversations and difficult
people with skill and confidence.

You will engage in practical and interactive discussions, exercises and role plays that will change the way you see and respond to difficult people and situations.

Strategic Business Planing

If you don't have a map, how will you know where you are going and when you have reached your destination? Business plans are essential for all types and sizes of businesses. Some business plans need to be complex, others can be simple.

This highly practical and interactive program will provide participants with a clear framework to prepare a successful, strategic business plan. Plans are tailored to the needs of your organisation or business unit.

The program examines the key strategic business areas that a successful plan must consider, including core values, purpose and mission statements. Participants will gain insight into competitive strategies and leave with a greater of understanding of how their organisation operates.

Recruitment and Selection

Did you know that staff turnover cost an organisation 50% to 150% of person's annual salary? Our program will develop your skill in the entire recruitment and selection process from advertising the position through to making the selection and beyond.

Participants will take part in practical exercises that simulate a real situation. Participants will learn how to design and ask great interview questions that will separate the good candidates from the great candidates.

You will reap the rewards of saving time and money on recruiting and selecting staff by learning the most effective, benchmarked recruitment practices. People are the most important resource you have. Wouldn't it be great to find good help - and keep it?

"Dynamic HRM Solutions have mastered the art of turning boring compliance material and policies into fun, meaningful training in an interactive learning environment" Erin Coker, Human Resources Officer, Forbes Shire Council

Talent Management

All organisations are looking for gifted, motivated and loyal staff. They recognise this as a major key to their future success.

But what is talent? Where do you find it? How can you measure it? What are the issues in managing talented individuals? Are talent types particularly prone to breakdown? Can you take 'average types' and exploit their talent.

Our course will answer these questions by reviewing findings from leading Australian companies and international research on best practice. You will be able to describe the characteristics of talented people, explain where to recruit talented individuals, consider the implications of managing, coaching and developing fast-stream high-flyers and reward talented individuals.

EEO, Harassment and Bullying

Did you know that in Australia an employee is four times more likely to be bullied than sexually harassed? Under Occupational Health and safety provisions, employers and employees have a 'duty of care' to prevent harm to others and to maintain the right to the ‘quiet enjoyment of work’.

Our program will clarify rights and obligations of employees at all levels. You will appreciate that no matter what job you do; you have a role to play in contributing to a workplace in which people are treated in an safe and respectful way. Our program is interactive and enjoyable, with plenty of activities for participants to engage in. As Practitioners with 18 years of front line experience in many of Australia's best-practice organisation we have the knowledge, experience and skills to keep you up-to-date.

Performance Management

New managers, and even those with years of experience, sometimes under estimate the importance of effective performance management to organisational success.

Is your performance management system giving you the results you want?

This program reinforces the benefits of performance management for the organisation and the employee. It discusses current thinking on performance management, the performance management cycle and principles for success including communication, coaching and relationship skills. Participants will practice developing key result areas, SMART goals and tracking methods.